Saturday, 15 September 2012

Art workshop with Elvis and Gilbert @Bavubuka

Today, a creative connection was forged between The Art-tree Foundation, and Bavubuka Foundation. Through working with Bavubuka representatives, Elvis and Gilbert, we undertook a project working with the young people at M-LISADA orphanage, to exercise their artistic talent.

Szanie Elvis, a visual artist and MC, lead the project. A talented artist himself, he teaches workshops for young people in the hope of giving them the chance to explore their creativity, try something new, and give them a chance to learn a new skill which could provide possible sustainability.

With the help of Gilbert Frank Daniels, a young photographer and journalist, Elvis led the workshop. He taught the young people about paint, how to think about the designs they wanted to create, and to express themselves freely. He demonstrated by creating a t-shirt, and then let them get to work.

The young people engaged with the task fully, they used their home and lives as inspiration for the designs, and created some beautiful work. It was great to see them so focused on task, and really use their minds to think about what they wanted to create. It was the first time using paint for many of them, and they all spoke about their positive experience of the workshop, and how much they enjoyed it.

Many thanks to Gilbert and Elvis, and the Bavubuka Foundation, for their commitment and dedication. We look forward to connecting with you in the future.

The Art-tree Foundation

Preparing to begin...

A beautiful t-shirt design.

The finished t-shirt.

The final product.

Peace out,

The Art-tree Foundation